2018: The Year Ahead

2018: The Year Ahead

After an incredibly busy 2017, I have spent the first few weeks of 2018 contemplating on how to improve my work without neglecting my family, friends and my other passion – writing. I also needed to establish who I am as a photographer, my specific style and how am I going to say more “no” and less “yes”.

For half of the year I still provided clients with photos that I thought they wanted and another folder with photos where I edited the photos in a specific style. Having read numerous photography articles, closely watching photography trends across the globe, I have now decided to just edit photos into a style – slowly but surely building a portfolio. If a client then decides to book me, they book me because they like my style. Sure, I’ll still get the “can we get the unedited photos” or “can you edit the photos like those on Pinterest”. But that’s OK, because I’m practicing my “no”.

2018 will also be a year of focusing on quality rather than quantity. Something that has always been difficult for me. I really struggle to cut photos from a shoot, and then I end up with 100 photos to edit. Rather spend time on 40 WOW photos than wasting time on a 100 almost-great shots.

Having decided all of the above, I realised it is time for a new website. Something to set the pace. I started searching for Namibian Photography websites – and found very few that were up to date, trending and WOW. I searched for South African Photography websites and found a few that I can go to for inspiration and advice. I have always looked at photographers from around the globe and have realised over the last couple of months, that as a country, Namibia, has so much to offer and we as photographers can use it to market our beautiful country. So look forward to more nature, more Namibia in all of my shoots.

So here’s to more wine and coffee with friends and less coffee after hours to stay awake.

2018 – I am ready for you – are you ready for me?






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