{Hallelujah Namibia} at Vegkop in Windhoek

{Hallelujah Namibia} at Vegkop in Windhoek

And finally, we have worked our way through Hallelujah Namibia as well.

A bit of background…

I have been wanting to go to Hallelujah Namibia forever. But every single year something came up and we couldn’t go. When I first saw the Facebook advert of Hallelujah Namibia 2017, I booked. Nothing was going to stop me this time around.

Three days before we left for Windhoek, I received my first Prime Canon Lens – bonus!

On a personal note..

My collection of event photos are mostly personal. As we don’t live in Windhoek where most events occur, we rarely compete to take the official photos. Enjoy these photos taken from a mostly spectator-orientated-vantage point.

Should you consider us to take your event’s photos, please feel free to contact us.


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