{Petri Botha} Hospital Newborn Photo shoot

{Petri Botha} Hospital Newborn Photo shoot

So what exactly is a hospital newborn photo shoot?

If I look back to my son’s birth, there are certain things that I wish I had photos of. For one – his birth. (But that’s a whole different article). Then those first moments of him with me – that I don’t know about. His first bath that I couldn’t attend. Breastfeeding him for very first time – I don’t have any recollection of those moments and neither do I have proper photographs.

Those are the very moments I want to capture for the mom/family who wants to treasure those memories for a lifetime. Sure, you don’t want the birth photos, but you would like those first moments – feel free to still contact me.

Below are some of the first moments of little Petri Botha born on 23 January. Welcome big boy! We already love you to bits!


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